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"You Can Actually Change Your Life"

I am in the best shape of my life by a mile and I'm about to hit my 40's. I've lost 15 pounds at a healthy rate so I can keep it off, I've found new ways to eat that I love and that are better for my stomach anyway, my knees don't hurt anymore going up the stairs, I fit into clothes properly (an issue my whole life), I can take my shirt off at the pool or beach without an anxiety attack and I don't shy away from physical activity. I truly never thought I would say the words: "I love going to the gym" - but I do thanks to Jon; his patient coaching and guidance has brought me to a place of more peace of mind, better health and an infinitely repeatable way to reset my brain when I'm experiencing high stress. Even if you think you've seen it all, tried everything, worked with enough trainers to think well it's just not for you, I implore you to give Strong Jon a call or an email. You actually can change your life; I know because he helped me do just that.

J, former superstar client

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