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I’m always flattered when people assume I’ve been fit my whole life.  That was not the case.  

I have always been an overweight guy. Between large iced cappuccinos, pizza, cookies, and chicken (one healthy thing, right?), I was never able to achieve the body I wanted . I was not happy.

Like many Canadian kids, I grew up playing hockey and dreamed of making it to the NHL. But terrible eating habits were always a problem. I loved junk food! Tim Horton’s donuts...yummy! What could be better?  But I knew being chubby was holding back my hockey career. So I tried to outwork my horrendous diet. 

I've done the diets, the supplements, the endless cardio, and every other popular strategy to shed fat. Now I can help you avoid all of the mistakes that I've made.

I dove into a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) PT certification to cover the training aspect, and a Precision Nutrition (Pn1) certification to cover the nutrition aspect. Both of these combined to transform not only my body, but my clients’ bodies, as well .

Fast forward a lifestyle shift, with a more balanced approach. I still eat pizza.  I still eat cookies. Iced cappuccinos? not so much but it’s because I prefer coffee straight now. I do not live in the gym. In fact, I hate spending too much time on my workouts. I get to enjoy outings with friends, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or my good friends wedding. It is a guilt-free lifestyle that I have been able to maintain. 

I Can Help You Do The Same

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"Just An Amazing Experience"

I know I could not have gotten this far without Jon's constant help. Holding me accountable, the check ins, the follow ups, the workouts and I can keep going but I am going to stop cause it has been an amazing experience. My blood pressure has stabilized. Best it's been in years. So for that, I accomplished a major goal. Dropping 30 lbs is a big deal since I haven't been able to do it ever. Also dropping 4 pants sizes! But most of all, just knowing that my mindset has changed towards food is my biggest accomplishment. 

Elizabeth, former rockstar client

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