"You've been so amazing and encouraging for me and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer to even get me to this point! I feel happy IN my body." - Nawal
"I can now perform five pull ups where before it was none.My bench press form is now correct and I actually feel like working my chest. Deadlifts form has become near perfect where before the exercise was a write off.I am feeling the correct muscles when I perform and improve my squats" - Paul
"I never made time for workouts. I work a full time job, plus volunteer duties so my plate is pretty full. Jon's approach really helped me find a way to work on my fitness goals without affecting other aspects of my life" - Subrina
"I used to think I wasn't meant to lose the weight. Once I started working with Jon, everything changed. With his guidance and accountability I was finally able to lose 45 pounds and have kept it off with ease." - Jamal
"Working with Jon, I was able to gain strength while cutting down my body fat. This was the best choice I've made and I love the results!" - Sara
"I’d had three personal trainers and or 12 week programs prior to meeting Strong Jon. I didn’t see the results that I wanted and or that I was promised. Strong Jon is refreshingly realistic with what can be done and very practical and specific about what has to happen in order to meet goals. I appreciate Jon’s breadth of knowledge and his ability to contemplate, discern and outline next steps that will lead to success." - Michelle
"I used to focus on running to try and lose weight, combined with a strict diet. Nothing ever really stuck. Jon showed me how I could enjoy any food I wanted while still losing weight. I am stronger than ever and am not restricted in my diet or social life." - Rekha
"I've lost 28 pounds working with Jon and have kept it off almost effortlessly. I do not have access to a full gym and my schedule is pretty jam packed but Jon made a program that fits my life and I have loved it!" - Shaunacy
"After only 8 weeks with Jon, I saw incredible results! I lost 8 pounds of body fat, hit new personal bests on my lifts, and increased my overall fitness level to help my firefighting abilities." - Jomel
"I was tired of the way I looked and felt. I had no energy, no confidence. It was time to make a change. Working with Jon was the best decision I could have made. His workouts are simple and he keeps you motivated to keep going." - Claudette
"Working with Jon has changed my life. I gained 80 lbs during my first pregnancy and have lost 50 of it so far. The focus on weight training has helped my strength and overall fitness level to play with my young daughter. I couldn't be happier to this point" - Tiffany
“I wasn’t always confident in my own body and I knew that I wanted more and I wanted to be healthier physically and mentally. Jon gave me something that is effective for my lifestyle and schedule.” - Sean
"I had tried so many times before to be more active and to eat better and I kept falling back into old habits. You showed me how I could still enjoy life but put more effort into my health and fitness goals. I've lost over 20 pounds because of it." - Bryan

"Jon made everything so fluid and mindless for me to succeed. The workouts are simple and effective and I'm not leaving in crushing pain each time. I lost fat, gained muscle, and came out stronger than I imagined when the program was over!" - Eric C
"For health reasons I decided to go on this journey and has had amazing results in both health and how I feel about myself. Jon has been a great motivator and encouraging and that is what I needed in a trainer" - Elizabeth
"I started working with Jon because I had lost quite a bit of confidence in myself and my work suffered. Having the freedom to train on my schedule and eat almost anything I wanted has been incredible. I highly recommend signing up to his coaching program!" - Karen
"I needed a boost in my fitness levels but I had no plan to do so. Jon made things easy for me to follow and I was quick to drop 10lbs even with working two job!" - Eric
"Training with Jon was a great decision! Not only have I felt and seen a difference, my friends have noticed as well! I am stronger than ever." - Agatha
"Between your accountability and coaching, I have reached my fitness goals. I am more confident than ever. Thank you for being dedicated to helping me!" 
- Deena
"Over the course of a year, Jon was the most supportive trainer I could ask for. The workouts were tailored to my needs at the time, and he was available for questions at any given time. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to get in amazing shape! - Kayla
"My experience with Jon has been amazing, he has pushed me to the limit. This is what I wanted in a coach, not someone to take it easy on me, and he didn’t! I feel ten times stronger since being with him and his dieting portion has slimmed me down a lot more than I have been in a while" - Tyler
"Jon gave me the motivation I needed to get going after 2 years off. The support and program have really made a difference. I am back to running 6-7K and love working out again!" - Sabina
" Working with you and your program was very positive. It felt good to know you had my back! On top of losing nearly 10 lbs in 12 weeks, I am more educated with my calories and workouts moving forward. " - M
"Your support and motivation to push me forward helped me shed inches off my waist almost effortlessly! I put on some lean muscle tissue and gained more strength than I could imagine. Thank you!" - Nisha

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