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To Busy Men & Women Who Struggle With Keeping Fat Off
Lose Fat Forever, Gain Strength and Confidence, and Kick Butt At Everything You Do Without Giving Up Everything You Love  
Look great with your shirt off at the beach.
Feel great every day by supercharging your energy.
Meet the old Sean. And the new Sean. 
Before we met, Sean sometimes awoke to a scary thought:
“Maybe my best days are behind me.”

He found it hard to even imagine:
* NOT feeling guilty about eating out with friends
* NOT having to hide his belly under layers of clothes
* NOT torturing himself with hours of boring cardio

Most of all, Sean wanted more energy to be a better husband and father.
Sean had been going to the gym before. He had a simple body part split that he did because that’s just how it was. After all, the other guys in the gym all seemed to be doing it, too.

He tried keto.

Did he lose weight? Sure
But he put it all back on just as fast as he lost it.

He needed something sustainable. Something he could do for the long haul.
Sean owns his own business and had a newborn baby.

His schedule is jam packed. He is balancing tattooing clients and feeding his daughter.

He needed something that didn’t take up his whole day, but will still help him lose fat and keep it off forever.

And he found it. Sean writes:

“I wasn’t always confident in my own body and I knew that I wanted more and I wanted to be healthier physically and mentally. Jon gave me something that is effective for my lifestyle and schedule.” - Sean

I’ve been where you are. 
So let me prove to you how I can help you take control and kick butt.
I’m always flattered when people assume I’ve been fit my whole life.

That was not the case.

I have always been an overweight guy. Between large iced cappuccinos, pizza, cookies, and chicken (one healthy thing, right?), I was never able to achieve the body I wanted.

I was not happy.

Like many Canadian kids, I grew up playing hockey and dreamed of making it to the NHL. But terrible eating habits were always a problem. I loved junk food! Tim Horton’s donuts...yummy! What could be better?

But I knew being chubby was holding back my hockey career. So I tried to outwork my horrendous diet.

I tried working out 4 days a week on top of my busy hockey schedule and assumed I would just work it all off.


It didn’t work.

I started reading everything I could about training and fat loss for hockey players, and it hit me.

I never really looked at how much I ate as something that held me back.

I dove into a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) PT certification to cover the training aspect, and a Precision Nutrition (Pn1) certification to cover the nutrition aspect.

Both of these combined to transform not only my body, but my clients’ bodies, as well.

I quickly applied my new knowledge to myself because it was time to finally make a change.

Fast forward a lifestyle shift, with a more balanced approach.

I still eat pizza.

I still eat cookies.

Iced cappuccinos? Not so much but it’s because I prefer coffee straight now.

I do not live in the gym. In fact, I hate spending too much time on my workouts.

I get to enjoy outings with friends, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or my good friends wedding.

It is a guilt-free lifestyle that I have been able to maintain.

I Can Help You Do The Same
I get it.

You want change without having a diet and fitness obsession take over your life.

You don't want to restrict your food to chicken and rice.

You don't want to spend 2+ hours in the gym several times a week.

You don’t want to have to give up your Saturday night hangout with your friends.

And you know what? You don’t have to.

Working with me, you will receive: 
  •  A fat burning program that doesn’t cramp your schedule 
  •  Constant accountability in case you’re ever flustered and need a quick chat 
  •  Food guidelines to lose fat and avoid the nasty restrict-binge cycle 
  • Workouts that keep you energized throughout the rest of your day instead of leaving you exhausted and dreading the next one 
Here’s what another one of my amazing clients had to say:
“Since signing up with Jon, not only have I lost weight and inches, but my overall livelihood has improved. I am more confident in my body, I have energy to play with my daughter, and I am building a healthier relationship with food. Jon helped me be me again without completely changing how I live. He worked with my strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies to build a sustainable lifestyle.” - Tiffany

Did I mention these clients were trained online?

It worked for them and it can work for you.

They have busy schedules, so there’s never scheduling conflicts.

They live in a different area, so there’s no need to relocate to train with me.

They have a budget, so they can save money while still reaching their fat loss goals.

We were able to stay connected throughout the process so there was never confusion.

These all gave them the power and confidence to crush their workouts, hit their nutrition goals, and finally lose the fat for good.
Achieve Results That Last
Say goodbye to to worrying about the summer months before they approach.

Imagine having so much confidence that others are attracted to you.

Get the dream body you deserve in the time you have.

No more time wasted.

No more crash diets.

No more hiding.

Apply now and let’s change your life for good.
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